Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Monumental Inscriptions Volume for Longformacus, Berwickshire

We’re delighted to announce the publication of our new Monumental Inscriptions volume for Longformacus, Berwickshire. Longformacus parish sits in the Lammermuir Hills in the north of Berwickshire and has some fine heather moorland and hill farms.  The village was recorded as Langeford Makhous, around 1340 and later in 1430, as Lochrymacus, from the Gaelic Lann Fathir Maccus, the church on the field or slope of Maccus. Ellem and Longformacus churches were dedicated in 1243. James IV met his commanders at Ellem church in 1496 and the Scots army mustered there before Flodden. The parish has grown since it was split from Mordington in 1666. Ellem was added early in the 18th Century, but in 1891, boundary changes moved Ellem to Cranshaws parish.

Like many other volumes in the series, the CD contains a hearth tax list, war memorial inscriptions, a list of kirk ministers and a militia list, as well as the full inscriptions from the 221 gravestones in the old churchyard and new burial ground.
Also included are 392 mortcloth records from 1716 to 1856, mostly with the name of the deceased; and an extract from the Longformacus Public School Admission Log from 1873 to 1913, listing 424 admissions to the school, showing names of pupils and parents, addresses, occupations and dates of pupils’ births. There are indexes to the surnames and places mentioned.

The surnames contained in the monumental inscriptions are Aikman, Allan, Allon, Anderson, Auld, Baillie, Ballantyne, Barrie, Bell, Berry, Bertram, Biggar, Black, Blackhall, Blakbell, Blake, Blong, Bonsema, Boyes, Bradford, Brockie, Broun, Brown, Buchan, Buckham, Burnet, Burns, Cairns, Calder, Cameron, Campbell, Carnegie, Chisholm, Christie, Clark, Cockburn, Collins, Colvin, Connell, Cook, Cowe, Craik, Craise, Creas, Currie, Dale, Dalgliesh, Davidson, Deans, Dickson, Dingwall, Dinwoodie, Dodd, Dodds, Dods, Donaldson, Douglas, Dun, Dunn, Dwdgen, Edgar, Elliot, Erskine, Fair, Fairbairn, Fergie, Ferguson, Flint, Flynn, Ford, Forrest, Fortune, Fouller, Fowler, Galbraith, Gardiner, Garvie, Gaylard, Gibb, Gibson, Graham, Grant, Gray, Grieve, Hall, Hardie, Harkness, Henderson, Henry, Herberson, Hill, Hodge, Hogg, Holme, Hood, Hop, Hope, Horsburgh, Hume, Hunter, Hutcheson, Hwem, Ingles, Ireland, Jaffray, Jeffrey, Johnston, Kay, Kemp, King, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood, Knox, Kyte, Laidlaw, Lamb, Landale, Lauder, Leitch, Liddell, Lindsay, Linton, Lisle, Litter, Luke, Lunn, Macdougall, Mack, Macvie, March, Marchant, Mason, Mccormick, Mcdonald, Mclaren, Mclean, Mcleish, Mcleod, Mickle, Miller, Milne, Moffat, Morrison, Morton, Moscrip, Murdie, Murray, Myln, Neal, Neil, Neish, Oliver, Ord, Ovens, Palmer, Pate, Paterson, Philips, Playfair, Porteous, Purves, Raitt, Rankin, Rankon, Rathie, Redpath, Renton, Richardson, Robertson, Rodger, Ross, Russell, Rutherford, Scott, Sergant, Shannon, Sharp, Sherlaw, Sherriff, Shirlm, Simpson, Sinclair, Smith, Stobie, Sturrock, Swan, Tait, Taylor, Tennent, Thomson, Todd, Trotter, Tunnah, Turnbull, Turner, Tweedie, Usher, Veatch, Veitch, Waldie, Walker, Walkinshaw, Waller, Wanless, Waters, Watson, Weatherly, Weatherston, Webb, Weir, Welsh, Whitehead, Whitlaw, Wight, Wightman, Wilson, Wood, Wtterson, Young.

The Longformacus Monumental Inscriptions CD (price £7.50 plus plus postage) can be obtained from us at 52 Overhaugh St, Galashiels, TD1 1DP, Scotland.

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