Friday, August 29, 2014

Free Access to Ancestry Canada until 2 September

Ancestry Canada appears to be offering free access to worldwide family history records and images for a limited period.

Their advert page says the offer ends at midnight on 1 September and assuming that's in the westernmost part of Camada, that's 8am British time.

As with other Ancestry offers, you'll presumably need to log in, so if you haven't already done so, register fee and log in.

Search Ancestry Canada.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Bygone Borderlands Celebration 2014 - 10am to 4pm on 6 and 7 September

It's an event for children and adults  - a weekend long celebration of Border heritage and history, reflecting on last year’s commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the Battle of Flodden.

It takes place at The Haining, Selkirk from 10am to 4pm on 6 and 7 September.

As well as Borders Family History Society, there’ll be displays by Berwick Record Office, the Hawick Heritage Hub, Jedburgh Grammar School, primary schools in Hawick, Lilliesleaf and Selkirk; an arts and crafts tent, a storytelling and quill writing tent, and a tent for talks and music. Refreshments will be for sale, too.

I hope they don't run out of quills, I calculated last night that it's more than 50 years since I last used a quill pen, in earnest, at primary school.

Programme of talks and music:

Please note: There’s room only for disabled parking (blue badge holders) at The Haining, so they’re asking people to park at Selkirk High School (enter from Hillside Terrace) and there’ll be a free shuttle bus to take visitors to and from the Haining.

Admission is free, so we hope that you’ll all come and see us sometime this weekend.

Download the Bygone Borderlands 2014 brochure.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dunse Bowling Club Silver Prize Medal - Won by P. Robson, Duns, July 1882

This prize medal came up in a Google search for something on Sunday.
I've always wanted to find prize medals won by my ancestors but it's not happened yet though perhaps they didn't win anything that came with a medal.

This prize medal is made of silver and set in an ornate frame.
On one side it says "Presented to the Dunse Bowling Club by Messrs Farrington & Smith Edinr 1878".
on the other, "Won by P. Robson Duns July 1882." with some hallmarks.

He's not in the Duns Monumental Inscriptions volume and I wonder who he was and where he was buried.

Was he one of your ancestors ?

If you're interested in acquiring it, it's offered for sale by Alnwick British & Colonial Coins & Tokens at £50.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Who Do You Think You Are? Live Scotland Set to Close 1 Day Earlier

Who Do You Think You Are? Live Scotland was set to run Friday 29 August to Sunday 31 August 2014 at Glasgow's Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre.

In a surprise announcement, the organisers say that the Sunday is cancelled and it will run only 29 to 30 August.
No reasons have been given though I speculate that perhaps ticket sales have been poor.
The Who Do You Think You Are? Live website says "If you have a ticket for Sunday, you would have received an email informing you that you could exchange your ticket for another day or apply for a refund. " and gives an email link for other enquiries.

Will they refund part of the costs for exhibitors ?
They ought to but according to Chris Paton, the organisers claim "the event is not expecting to lose out on visitor numbers - and as a consequence it will not be reimbursing stand costs. So in essence, vendors are now paying three days fees for two days' service. Shocking treatment of vendors and exhibitors."

It'll be even busier on the Friday and the Saturday for the exhibitors and possibly hotter inside, too.

The exhibition will obviously lose out on visitors as some, possibly lots of Sunday ticket-holders, won't be able to go another day.

Will they refund travel costs and accommodation costs incurred by those visitors expecting to go on Sunday ?
Will the organisers decide that un-cancelling Sunday is likely to cost them less than legal fees and refunding travel,  accommodation and workshop booking costs ? Only time will tell.

If you are coming on the Friday or the Saturday, please do come and see us on our shared stand with other members of the Scottish Association of Family History Societies.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

World Famous Gypsies

The 50p anagrams quiz sold at St Boswells post office in the weeks leading up to St Boswells Fair asked
'How many World Famous Gypsies you can identify by re-arranging the letters to spell their names' ?

Although it wasn't our quiz, we had a request via our Contacts page to find out the answers.

Mary S said "I tried to do the quiz from the post office but I only managed one, and I'm not sure it was right."
So here are the answers (provided by Euan Watt):

1.    leachmic inaec        michael caine
2.    reilhac panlich        charlie chaplin
3.    lilb nitlcno            bill clinton
4.    vaddi sexes            david essex
5.    obb sinksoh            bob hoskins
6.    mej came            jem mace
7.    derdeifr zipren        freddie prinze
8.    godjan dtharneinr    django reinhardt
9.    b b gkin            b b king
10.    slive sleyrep            elvis presley
11.    rotherm sateer        mother teresa
12.    yonhnj hacs            johnny cash
13.    uly ynbrner            yul brynner
14.    yonjnh markntha        johnny frankham
15.    aceyrt lanlmu        tracey ullman
16.    rice tonnaca        eric cantona
17.    tira rotywhha        rita hayworth
18.    vaa redragn            ava gardner
19.    nita lee            tina  lee
20.    anes yerncon        sean connery
21.    goerr roome        roger moore
22.    lobpa saposic        pablo picasso
23.    yonnr odow        ronny wood
24.    pygys soer ele        gypsy rose lee

The answers were displayed at the St Boswells Fair/Gypsy Fair Exhibition in the recently refurbished St Boswells Village Hall from 18 to 20 July and the winner won a voucher for a free palm reading.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Unearthing Coldstream Priory's Secrets

The Berwick Advertiser reports that from 22 to 25 August, the Flodden 1513 project is conducting an archaeological dig to unearth the history of Coldstream Priory, Coldstream, Berwickshire.

Canmore says 'St Mary's Priory of Cistercian Nuns, founded between 1136 and 1166. The last prioress had demitted office by 12th May, 1588, and the nunnery was secularised in 1621', however other websites give slightly later foundation dates.
Its prioress, Isabella Hoppringle is said to have provided information about the Scottish invasion force crossing the river at Coldstream on 22 August 1513. She may have acted as an informal conduit between the Scottish and English crowns and that she led her nuns to retrieve Scottish noblemen that fell at Flodden. In 1515, she gave refuge to Margaret Tudor, sister of king Henry VIII of England, and her second husband and son (the future king James V).

Much more Coldstream Priory history.