Tuesday, August 12, 2014

World Famous Gypsies

The 50p anagrams quiz sold at St Boswells post office in the weeks leading up to St Boswells Fair asked
'How many World Famous Gypsies you can identify by re-arranging the letters to spell their names' ?

Although it wasn't our quiz, we had a request via our Contacts page to find out the answers.

Mary S said "I tried to do the quiz from the post office but I only managed one, and I'm not sure it was right."
So here are the answers (provided by Euan Watt):

1.    leachmic inaec        michael caine
2.    reilhac panlich        charlie chaplin
3.    lilb nitlcno            bill clinton
4.    vaddi sexes            david essex
5.    obb sinksoh            bob hoskins
6.    mej came            jem mace
7.    derdeifr zipren        freddie prinze
8.    godjan dtharneinr    django reinhardt
9.    b b gkin            b b king
10.    slive sleyrep            elvis presley
11.    rotherm sateer        mother teresa
12.    yonhnj hacs            johnny cash
13.    uly ynbrner            yul brynner
14.    yonjnh markntha        johnny frankham
15.    aceyrt lanlmu        tracey ullman
16.    rice tonnaca        eric cantona
17.    tira rotywhha        rita hayworth
18.    vaa redragn            ava gardner
19.    nita lee            tina  lee
20.    anes yerncon        sean connery
21.    goerr roome        roger moore
22.    lobpa saposic        pablo picasso
23.    yonnr odow        ronny wood
24.    pygys soer ele        gypsy rose lee

The answers were displayed at the St Boswells Fair/Gypsy Fair Exhibition in the recently refurbished St Boswells Village Hall from 18 to 20 July and the winner won a voucher for a free palm reading.

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