Friday, August 8, 2014

Unearthing Coldstream Priory's Secrets

The Berwick Advertiser reports that from 22 to 25 August, the Flodden 1513 project is conducting an archaeological dig to unearth the history of Coldstream Priory, Coldstream, Berwickshire.

Canmore says 'St Mary's Priory of Cistercian Nuns, founded between 1136 and 1166. The last prioress had demitted office by 12th May, 1588, and the nunnery was secularised in 1621', however other websites give slightly later foundation dates.
Its prioress, Isabella Hoppringle is said to have provided information about the Scottish invasion force crossing the river at Coldstream on 22 August 1513. She may have acted as an informal conduit between the Scottish and English crowns and that she led her nuns to retrieve Scottish noblemen that fell at Flodden. In 1515, she gave refuge to Margaret Tudor, sister of king Henry VIII of England, and her second husband and son (the future king James V).

Much more Coldstream Priory history.

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