Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Monumental Inscriptions volume for Cranshaws, Berwickshire

We’re pleased to report that we have just published another new Monumental Inscriptions volume on CD, this time for Cranshaws, in Berwickshire.
Cranshaws parish lies in the eastern Lammermuirs, sharing boundaries with the East Lothian parishes of Whittinghame, Stenton, Spott and Innerwick and the Berwickshire parishes of Abbey St Bathans and Longformacus.  Although many of the surrounding farms are in East Lothian, you can see the names appearing on headstones.  It is mainly hill land, with some plantations on higher ground and arable in the valley haughs.  The Whiteadder River runs through the parish.  There may have been a heronry close by as the name Cranshaws may be derived from the words "crane" and "shaws" or heron wood.  The original settlement was centred around Cranshaws castle or peel tower where the farm and remains of the old parish church are today. New sites for the church and manse were chosen in the 18th century, and together with the 18th century schoolhouse were the foundations of the village as it is today. The vicar of Cranshaws, Robert de Strivelin (or Stirling), swore fealty to Edward I in 1296. The Swinton family owned Cranshaws for three centuries, until 1712. In her will of October 1515, Catherine Lauder, wife of Sir John Swinton, directed that she be buried before the altar of St Ninian in the parish church of Cranshaws. The current church dates from 1899.

Like many other volumes in the series, the CD contains a hearth tax list, a list of kirk ministers and a militia list, as well as the full inscriptions from the 123 gravestones in the old burial ground and the churchyard, and photographs of all the stones. Also included are 331 mortcloth records from 1731 - 1853, mostly with the name of the deceased. There are indexes to the surnames and places mentioned.

The surnames contained in the monumental inscriptions are: Ainslie, Aitchison, Allan, Anderson, Bertram, Black, Blair, Bolton, Briggs, Brown, Brownlee, Campbell, Carr, Charlton, Coltherd, Craig, Craik, Darrie, Davidson, Dawson, Dickson, Dinshire, Dishington, Dodds, Dods, Donaldson, Douglas, Drysdal, Duncanson, Eaton, Eddy, Edgar, Elliot, Emslie, Fergie, Ferguson, Foord, Ford, Forten, Fortun, Gilchrist, Gillie, Gillieson, Glendinning, Graham, Handyside, Hardy, Harkness, Harperden, Hay, Hog, Hope, Howden, Hunter, Jackson, Jaffray, Jeffrey, Johnston, Kelman, Kemp, Kirkpatrick, Kitcat, Laurie, Lawrie, Linton, Luke, Mabon, Mackinnon, Mcallan, Mcallan, Mccue, Mcdougall, Mckinlay, Mclachlan, Mclean, Mcpherson, Melrose, Miller, Morrison, Newbigging, Nichol, Nisbet, Noble, Patterson, Pilmer, Plenderleith, Pringle, Pullar, Punton, Redpath, Renton, Ritchie, Robertson, Rule, Runciman, Russell, Scott, Scougal, Shell, Shiel, Shiell, Sibbald, Simpson, Slight, Slorach, Smith, Speedy, Stuart, Taylor, Thomson, Thorburn, Thornton, Tomison, Trotter, Veitch, Waite, Walker, Wight, Wilson, Wood, Young.

The Cranshaws Monumental Inscriptions CD (price £6 plus postage ) can be obtained from us at 52 Overhaugh St, Galashiels, TD1 1DP, Scotland.

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Business Archives Scotland Launches Draft Strategy for Consultation

Business Archives Scotland has launched a draft strategy for consultation. It can be downloaded from Business Archives Scotland, and you can comment by email, online, or by downloading a Word document.

The closing date for the responses is Friday 28th May 2010.

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New Business Archives Council cataloguing grant for business archives

The Business Archives Council (BAC) has launched a cataloguing grant in support of the National Strategy for Business Archives. The BAC hopes to make it available annually during its strategy implementation, 2010-2015.

The aim of the grant, in funding the cataloguing of a business collection in either the private or public sector, is to:
  • provide financial support for institutions/businesses that manage business archives
  • reach collections that have not yet been prioritised but have potential academic or socio-historical value
  • create opportunities for archivists or para-professionals/volunteers to gain experience in listing business collections
  • make more business collections accessible?

The BAC envisages that the £2000 grant will be used over the equivalent of a 4-week period to fund an archive intern or temporary staff member (under  professional supervision) to catalogue a discrete collection of business records. This can either be a detailed catalogue of a small collection or a top-level catalogue of a more substantial collection. Grant recipients should provide the BAC with an article for its newsletter, and the catalogue should be made available to the National Register of Archives (published by The National Archives).

Business records can be extremely interesting for family historians; your ancestor might have been an employee, a shareholder, a customer, a supplier, and a number of us have used business records as part of our research in understanding the social history of the area or the period.

There are several people in Borders Family History Society who have intimated interest in undertaking a project of this nature, however we don't know of any collections of business records that need cataloguing.

I suspect that BAC are expecting collections covering a variety of records in the 19th and / or 20th centuries, for example, minutes of board meetings, customers, suppliers, accounting transactions, house magazines, letter books, annual reports, registers of directors and shareholders, contracts.

More info at

If you know of an interesting collection of uncatalogued recoords, or if you're a business wanting to get rid of some of your records, contact me through our Contacts page using the contact type 'Contact the Webmaster'.

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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Death of Donald Whyte, aged 84

Donald Whyte, a well-known and very respected genealogist, an author and JP, died on Friday 23rd April 2010 at the age of 84. He was a founder member of the Scottish Genealogy Society and several other Scottish family history societies as well as the inspiration behind our Society. The funeral will be held on Thursday, 29th April in Kirkliston Parish Church at 2 pm - all friends are invited.

His works included Scottish Surnames; Walter MacFarlane, Clan Chief & Antiquary; as well as a number of works listing clock and watchmakers in different areas of Scotland between 1453 and 1900.

A notice of his death was in The Scotsman newspaper on 24th April.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Monumental Inscriptions volume for Abbey St Bathans, Berwickshire

We have another new Monumental Inscriptions volume on CD, this time for Abbey St Bathans, Berwickshire. Before the reformation in 1560, there were two smaller parishes, Abbey St  Bothans  and Strafountain.  It is believed that Christian settlement here has its origins in the 7th century, though there never has been an Abbey.  A Cistercian Priory was founded sometime in the late 12th century or early 13th century by twelve nuns and a prioress. The buildings were destroyed during the 16th century by English troops and what remains is now incorporated into the church building. St Bothan may have been the Abbot of Iona and successor to Columba who died in 600 AD but there was also a St Bothan in Shetland, recorded in 639 AD.  There are other references to Bothans in neighbouring counties - Bothans parish at Gifford is now known as Yester and Bowden in  Roxburghshire, was known as Bothenden.

Like many other volumes in the series, the CD contains a hearth tax list, a list of kirk ministers and a militia list, as well as the full inscriptions from the 115 gravestones in the churchyard, and photographs of all the stones. Also included are 48 mortcloth records from 1755 to 1759, mostly with the name of the deceased. There are indexes to the surnames and places mentioned.

The surnames contained in the monumental inscriptions are Adamson, Aikman, Aitchison, Allan, Anderson, Baker, Bald, Beaton, Blair, Bolton, Brou, Broun, Brown, Bruford, Brunton, Calder, Carter, Cessford, Chalmers, Chisholm, Christie, Cockburn, Coltherd, Cossar, Coun, Cowan, Cowe, Crucks, Darling, Davidson, Denholm, Dickson, Dobie, Dodds, Dods, Douglas, Edgar, Fairbairn, Fairgrieve, Ferguson, Fortune, Galbraith, Gardiner, Gilchrist, Gillies, Gillon, Glazie, Glinton, Greenlaw, Grieve, Haig, Hall, Hamilton, Hancock, Hardie, Hately, Hendrick, Hogg, Home, Hunter, Hutchison, Jaffray, Johnston, Johnstone-Douglas, Kerr, Lauder, Lillie, Linton, Logan, Macintyre, Mack, Mccue, Meet, Miller, Moffot, Murray, Neil, Nisbet, Norman, Ormston, Paterson, Paxton, Pringle, Purves, Rae, Raeburn, Rankin, Rathie, Reid, Renton, Richardson, Ritchie, Runciman, Selbie, Sherriff, Shiell, Shireff, Shirreff, Sked, Slight, Smith, Smitton, Stark, Sterling, Stevinsone, Stewart, Swanston, Tait, Thompson, Thomson, Tod, Todhunter, Troter, Trotter, Tunnah, Turnbull, Wardhaugh, Weddell, Welsh, Whitelaw, Wightman, Williams, Wood, Yule, Zielinski.

The Abbey St Bathans Monumental Inscriptions CD (price £6 plus 2nd class UK postage 51p , EU postage £1.31, rest of world £1.82) can be obtained from us at Whitberry, Todlaw Road, Duns, TD11 3EW, Scotland.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Monumental Inscriptions Volume for Longformacus, Berwickshire

We’re delighted to announce the publication of our new Monumental Inscriptions volume for Longformacus, Berwickshire. Longformacus parish sits in the Lammermuir Hills in the north of Berwickshire and has some fine heather moorland and hill farms.  The village was recorded as Langeford Makhous, around 1340 and later in 1430, as Lochrymacus, from the Gaelic Lann Fathir Maccus, the church on the field or slope of Maccus. Ellem and Longformacus churches were dedicated in 1243. James IV met his commanders at Ellem church in 1496 and the Scots army mustered there before Flodden. The parish has grown since it was split from Mordington in 1666. Ellem was added early in the 18th Century, but in 1891, boundary changes moved Ellem to Cranshaws parish.

Like many other volumes in the series, the CD contains a hearth tax list, war memorial inscriptions, a list of kirk ministers and a militia list, as well as the full inscriptions from the 221 gravestones in the old churchyard and new burial ground.
Also included are 392 mortcloth records from 1716 to 1856, mostly with the name of the deceased; and an extract from the Longformacus Public School Admission Log from 1873 to 1913, listing 424 admissions to the school, showing names of pupils and parents, addresses, occupations and dates of pupils’ births. There are indexes to the surnames and places mentioned.

The surnames contained in the monumental inscriptions are Aikman, Allan, Allon, Anderson, Auld, Baillie, Ballantyne, Barrie, Bell, Berry, Bertram, Biggar, Black, Blackhall, Blakbell, Blake, Blong, Bonsema, Boyes, Bradford, Brockie, Broun, Brown, Buchan, Buckham, Burnet, Burns, Cairns, Calder, Cameron, Campbell, Carnegie, Chisholm, Christie, Clark, Cockburn, Collins, Colvin, Connell, Cook, Cowe, Craik, Craise, Creas, Currie, Dale, Dalgliesh, Davidson, Deans, Dickson, Dingwall, Dinwoodie, Dodd, Dodds, Dods, Donaldson, Douglas, Dun, Dunn, Dwdgen, Edgar, Elliot, Erskine, Fair, Fairbairn, Fergie, Ferguson, Flint, Flynn, Ford, Forrest, Fortune, Fouller, Fowler, Galbraith, Gardiner, Garvie, Gaylard, Gibb, Gibson, Graham, Grant, Gray, Grieve, Hall, Hardie, Harkness, Henderson, Henry, Herberson, Hill, Hodge, Hogg, Holme, Hood, Hop, Hope, Horsburgh, Hume, Hunter, Hutcheson, Hwem, Ingles, Ireland, Jaffray, Jeffrey, Johnston, Kay, Kemp, King, Kirk, Kirkpatrick, Kirkwood, Knox, Kyte, Laidlaw, Lamb, Landale, Lauder, Leitch, Liddell, Lindsay, Linton, Lisle, Litter, Luke, Lunn, Macdougall, Mack, Macvie, March, Marchant, Mason, Mccormick, Mcdonald, Mclaren, Mclean, Mcleish, Mcleod, Mickle, Miller, Milne, Moffat, Morrison, Morton, Moscrip, Murdie, Murray, Myln, Neal, Neil, Neish, Oliver, Ord, Ovens, Palmer, Pate, Paterson, Philips, Playfair, Porteous, Purves, Raitt, Rankin, Rankon, Rathie, Redpath, Renton, Richardson, Robertson, Rodger, Ross, Russell, Rutherford, Scott, Sergant, Shannon, Sharp, Sherlaw, Sherriff, Shirlm, Simpson, Sinclair, Smith, Stobie, Sturrock, Swan, Tait, Taylor, Tennent, Thomson, Todd, Trotter, Tunnah, Turnbull, Turner, Tweedie, Usher, Veatch, Veitch, Waldie, Walker, Walkinshaw, Waller, Wanless, Waters, Watson, Weatherly, Weatherston, Webb, Weir, Welsh, Whitehead, Whitlaw, Wight, Wightman, Wilson, Wood, Wtterson, Young.

The Longformacus Monumental Inscriptions CD (price £7.50 plus plus postage) can be obtained from us at 52 Overhaugh St, Galashiels, TD1 1DP, Scotland.