Thursday, August 14, 2014

Who Do You Think You Are? Live Scotland Set to Close 1 Day Earlier

Who Do You Think You Are? Live Scotland was set to run Friday 29 August to Sunday 31 August 2014 at Glasgow's Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre.

In a surprise announcement, the organisers say that the Sunday is cancelled and it will run only 29 to 30 August.
No reasons have been given though I speculate that perhaps ticket sales have been poor.
The Who Do You Think You Are? Live website says "If you have a ticket for Sunday, you would have received an email informing you that you could exchange your ticket for another day or apply for a refund. " and gives an email link for other enquiries.

Will they refund part of the costs for exhibitors ?
They ought to but according to Chris Paton, the organisers claim "the event is not expecting to lose out on visitor numbers - and as a consequence it will not be reimbursing stand costs. So in essence, vendors are now paying three days fees for two days' service. Shocking treatment of vendors and exhibitors."

It'll be even busier on the Friday and the Saturday for the exhibitors and possibly hotter inside, too.

The exhibition will obviously lose out on visitors as some, possibly lots of Sunday ticket-holders, won't be able to go another day.

Will they refund travel costs and accommodation costs incurred by those visitors expecting to go on Sunday ?
Will the organisers decide that un-cancelling Sunday is likely to cost them less than legal fees and refunding travel,  accommodation and workshop booking costs ? Only time will tell.

If you are coming on the Friday or the Saturday, please do come and see us on our shared stand with other members of the Scottish Association of Family History Societies.

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