Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hawick Common Riding 2010 - Friday Morning Procession

The Friday morning procession cannot fail to stir the emotions of the assembled spectators as the Cornet and his followers ride along Hawick High Street, Hawick, Scotland, to the sound of the fifes and drums and the Saxhorn Band on their way up to the Mair.

Short video of the Fife and Saxhorn Band as they march along Hawick High Street playing fifes and drums leading the Cornet and his followers.

Longer video of the Cornet and followers riding along the High Street. Note the colours of the various riders and horses, representing the various Common Riding towns including Galashiels, Jedburgh, Langholm, Selkirk - blue and yellow/gold representing Hawick. Those wearing oak leaves in their lapels have attended the celebratory breakfast. Note that, in contrast to other Border towns, there are no female riders - they're barred.

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Anonymous said...

Friday is for men only, however, ladies are most welcome to ride on Saturday.

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