Monday, August 23, 2010

Melrose Pipe Band Championships Pipers Parade, Melrose, Scotland, 21st August 2010

Nothing to do with family history, except that one reader now living abroad said that she missed the events in the Borders.

I had intended to go and watch the competitions at the Melrose Pipe Band Championships, however, I got sidetracked by the research I'm doing for the forthcoming Melrose Poor Law Records publication and the talk on Melrose Poor Relief 1871 - 1890, that I'm giving at our forthcoming Family and Local History Fair and Conference.
If you're interested in Melrose in the late 19th century, or in poor law, do please book a seat.

So, in the end I got to Melrose in time to see the bands parade through the streets; along the High Street from Gibson Park (where the event was held), along Buccleuch Street, up Abbey Street, into Market Square, and down the High Street.

It's my impression that there were far fewer bands than last year, obviously the recession's biting hard, so let's hope there will be more bands next year.

Here are a few videos I took.

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