Friday, November 5, 2010

Dr John Leyden, His Life and Family

In September 1775, in a thatched cottage overlooking Denholm Green, a young father proudly looked down on his first child, to be named John after his father and forefathers. At the time, neither of the parents, John Leyden nor his wife Isabel Scott, could have predicted the fascinating life ahead for their son - a life which was to see him master over 30 Oriental languages, become a minister, surgeon and naturalist, bring him fame as a poet and linguist and earn the respect, admiration and friendship of Sir Walter Scott and other eminent members of 19th century society before travelling to India and an untimely death in Java. A genius had been born - Dr John Leyden.

The title is the title of a talk to be given by Marjorie Gavin at Hawick Library, North Bridge Street, Hawick, TD9 9QT, Scotland on Tuesday 16th November at 7.15pm.


Travel mania said...


I am wondering if any knows who Isabel/Isabella Scott's parents were? I am trying to ascertain whether Isabel/Isabella was related to James Scott, b 1746 son of William Scott and Barbara Makdougal who was a country trader in Penang.

Jan Herivel

Peter Munro said...

Thanks for your comment.
Questions about specific people are more likely to attract an answer if posted in our forum and I suggest you post it there.

Isabella Scott is a common name, so if you have more specific detail, like names of her children, spouse, date of her birth, marriage or death, or census details, it will be easier for responders to help.

Anonymous said...

My comment was in reference to the post above - John Leyden married Isabel Scott and I was simply asking if anyone knew who Isabel's parents were. I thought the speaker may have mentioned this. My apologies for posting!

Peter Munro said...

Marjorie Gavin has emailed me to say that all she knows is that Isabel Scott came from a Liddesdale family.

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