Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Eyemouth United Secession Church Parish Register Transcriptions 1841-61

Maxwell Ancestry have just published Eyemouth United Secession Church parish register transcriptions 1841-61 at £4.99 plus postage. This contains baptisms, and 3 marriages. If you have ancestors who lived in or were associated with Eyemouth, they might have worshipped at this church. 

The surnames indexed are: Aitchison; Alexander, Anderson, Blackhall, Brack, Brodie, Bryce, Bugless, Burgan, Burgon, Clark, Cockburn, Collons, Craig, Crawford, Deepie, Dickson, Dippie, Dodds, Dougal, Dudgeon, Eddington, Edgar, Fairbairn, Fernside, Ford, Forest, Fortune, Fourtun, Fraser, Gibson, Gillies, Girling, Gray, Grosert, Grozertt, Henderson, Jerdan, Jhonston, Johnston, Johnstone, Leith, Maltman, Millar, Nesbit, Nisbet, Paterson, Paxton, Pearson, Reid, Robertson, Sathem, Scott, Scugal, Sinton, Stott, Tait, Wait, Watt, White, Whyte, Windram, Young.

This booklet can be purchased directly from us via our Contacts page using the contact type ‘Order for Publications’.

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