Thursday, November 18, 2010

Selkirk Prison Index 1828-1840

Maxwell Ancestry have just published Selkirk Prison Index 1828-1840 (284 entries) at £4.99 plus postage. These records have lots of interesting information about the people who were in prison, including their offence and sentence, date of admission, by whom committed, name, sex, age, birthplace, residence, where spent greater part of their life, height, hair colour, eye colour, distinguishing marks etc., clean/dirty, drunk/sober, clothes good repair/ragged, direct from arrest or from another prison, if so which one, occupation, previous imprisonments, liberated without trial – when and by whose authority, tried – when and by whom, convicted or acquitted, sentence, liberated or removed after conviction – when, by whose authority, to what place, number of days in prison, conduct during confinement.

The surnames indexed are: Adams, Aitken, Allan, Amos, Anderson, Armary, Baillie, Baird, Ballantyne, Baptie, Beattie, Berrie, Black, Bogie, Bradly, Brash, Brown, Bruce, Campbell, Carruthers, Cavers, Chisholm, Clapperton, Clark, Cochrane, Coltherd, Cowan, Crawford, Cumming, Currer, Curror, Dacons, Dalgleish, Dalgliesh, Davidson, Dobie, Dodds, Douglas, Dryden, Dunlop, Elliot, Emond, Evat, Ewans, Fairbairn, Fairgrieve, Findlay, Fleming, Fletcher, Gill, Gillies, Glen, Govenlock, Graham, Gray, Green, Hallyday, Hanah, Hardie, Harrison, Hay, Heiton, Henderson, Heuchan, Hislop, Hogg, Hopkirk, Howden, Hume, Ingles, Inglis, Johnston, Johnstone, Laidlaw, Lawson, Leyden, Lillico, Macally, Maccan, Mackay, Mackinnon, Mackintosh, Macpherson, Marshall, Martin, Mathewson, McIntosh, Melross, Mercer, Miller, Milloy, Mills, Minto, Mitchell, Moffat, Muir, Murray, Nicol, Oliver, Ormestone, Ormiston, Orr, Paterson, Philip, Pringle, Rae, Reid, Renton, Renwick, Riddell, Rieve, Robertson, Rodger, Russell, Scott, Shearer, Short, Smail, Smith, Stewart, Stoddart, Straigin, Thomson, Turnbull, Vaire, Walker, Watson, Welsh, White, Williamson, Willieson, Wilson, Wintrope, Young, Yous.

Their previously published volume, Selkirk Prison Index 1853-1878, (about 3,000 entries) is also available at £11.99 plus postage.

These booklets can be purchased directly from us via our Contacts page using the contact type ‘Order for Publications’.

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