Saturday, December 18, 2010

Battlefields of National Importance

n 2009, Historic Scotland decided that they would prepare an inventory of nationally important battlefields in Scotland to identify and provide information on the sites to raise awareness of their significance and assist in their protection and management for the future.  It is a major resource for promoting education, stimulating further research, and for enhancing their potential as attractions for the public. As part of the inventory, they'll maintain reports to combine all the research undertaken and show why the  battlefield is so important, and they'll include a map showing the key elements of the battlefield.  Clearly, that may take into account eyewitness accounts, archaeological evidence, and the maps may include areas of fighting, key movements of troops and other important locations, such as the position of camps or vantage points.

They've produced two lists, those that are deemed of national importance, and those that may be added.
On the list of national importance are the ones we all know like Bannockburn 1314, Ancrum Moor 1545, Pinkie Cleuch 1547, Philiphaugh 1645, Sheriffmuir 1715, Prestonpans 1745, and Culloden  1746.
Ancrum Moor and Philiphaugh are the only two on the list from the Borders, and I admit, that I didn't realise they were so important.

Usefully, their reports on each battlefield can be downloaded.

On the list of those that may be added are Aberdeen 1644, Athelstaneford 832,
Barra 1308 (Aberdeenshire), Carberry Hill 1567, Carbisdale 1650, Cromdale 1690, Dunbar 1296, Fyvie 1644, Glen Livet 1594, Inverkeithing 1651, Inverlochy 1431
Inverlochy 1645, Linlithgow Bridge 1526, Louden Hill 1307, Mulroy 1688, Solway Moss 1542. I'm a bit surprised at this list as I would have thought Athelstaneford and Louden Hill would have made it onto the first list.
Historic Scotland are seeking our (and your) views. Are there battlefields missed out (like Skirmish Hill, Darnick) that should be considered, are there any on the list that aren't significant ?

Historic Scotland's consultation runs until 11 February 2011.

More information including the downloadable reports on the consultation page.

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