Saturday, April 30, 2011

David Hume Philosophy Festival on Saturday, 30th April 2011

A very warm sunny day for this event held in Chirnside, Berwickshire.

A man dressed in period costume, looking quite like some portraits of David Hume, greeted visitors and directed traffic.

Unfortunately I missed Fiona Houston's talk on Life in Georgian Chirnside, due to very slow traffic in front of me, all the way from Greenlaw. Fiona was dressed in period costume.

However, there were samples of Georgian gingerbread, macaroons, jumbles, and cake and they were very tasty.

There was an interesting presentation with animated slides about the life of David Hume and his works - many of his observations upon life seem very appropriate today - there were bank failures and political shenaningans in his day too.

David Hume, the chief executive of Scottish Borders Council, gave a speech about his namesake, David Hume, and unveiled the plaque on the wall of the old church, now the community centre.

Inside the community centre, as well as the Georgian food, there were 5 display stands, and a table with some interesting letters of the period, and some other documents including David Hume's family tree and a legal case involving David Hume's father, Joseph.

The stands were:
  1. Introduction to David Hume
  2. Life and Works of David Hume
  3. David Hume's Legacy
  4. David Hume's Family
  5. Chirnside in the 1700s

There were lots more events in the programme, however, I didn't stay for them.

For more details of the programme, see Ronald Morrison's blog on the David Hume Philosophy Festival.

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