Monday, July 11, 2011

Caddonfoot Primary School History Project

There was a subscription school at Caddonfoot from about 1840. When the school boards were formed in 1872 they took over the running of the schools. A school board was elected in 1873 and they quickly organised a new school to be built which was completed in January 1875. The original Caddonfoot School Log book plus other documents relating to the parish at that time, can be viewed at the Hawick Heritage Hub.

The school is due to close in early 2012, being replaced by a new school in Clovenfords and the pupils are undertaking a project to look at the history of Caddonfoot School through the decades.

If you have any memories of this school, any old photos, or any other knowledge of any relevant history that you would be prepared to share with the children, please contact Megan Hill at megan.hill AT, replacing the AT with the @ symbol.

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