Tuesday, August 23, 2011

50-50 Club - 2nd Prize Fund Won Outright

Our 50-50 Club has now been running for 1 year.
There had been no winners up till last month, but last week that changed.
The letters drawn were (in order) H M P.
One member had the same combination of letters but in a different sequence, so he gets the whole of the second prize fund of £55.25.

The winner lives in Duns, Berwickshire.
Not a bad return on his investment of £12 !

Of course, he, like all the other members of the 50-50 club, has supported the Society with his subscription to the 50-50 club.

The 1st Prize Fund has not yet been won and currently stands at £55.25.

You can join the 50-50 Club, too.

A number of 50-50 Club members' subscriptions have ended and renewal invitations will be going out soon.

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