Friday, August 26, 2011

Free Access to Swedish Records on 27 and 28 August

As it's the Swedish Genealogical Fair (in Google English ) this weekend (27 and 28 August) in Norrköping, Sweden. ArkivDigital, a Swedish provider of digital records is offering free access to Swedish records.

Although my paternal grandmother was of Swedish descent and her grandfather spoke fluent Swedish, my father thought the family left Sweden in the 18th century, and he didn't know either the correct spelling of his great grandfather's names or the region from which he came, and both are vital when researching Swedish family history.  However, one day, I hope to discover that.

The family legend is that my father's great great grandfather was ennobled for his military prowess, but is that true ? My father said that neither his mother's father nor her grandfather ever did a scrap of work in their lives and they had a lot of servants, so presumably they were wealthy, and thus the legend may have some value. Is there a way to find out which Swedes were ennobled by the king of Sweden for military service ? My grandmother was educated at a convent school but I don't know whether she was a Catholic; though I remember that she carried her French bible around all the time

Meanwhile, if you have Swedish ancestry, as many Scots do, I hope this may be of interest.

You will need to register, download and install their software, and whilst I have searched Google to see whether malware was reported I haven't seen any.
Their website has a clean bill of health in Site Advisor, and isn't listed in Hosts Online, so I'm presuming that it's safe to visit and use their software.

I'm certainly going to try it out.

Do let me know how you get on, or whether you can help me, by clicking the 'comments' link below.

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