Saturday, September 3, 2011

European sailors in the East India Company in 1766

The Families In British India Society have transcribed more data, this time it's a list of 339 European sailors in the East India Company’s marine service at Bombay and Surat on the 25th January 1766. Details include their names, their station or job, the name of their ship (there were 26 of them), type of ship and the establishment (Bombay or Surat). More details on these sailors.


Sylvia said...

Those ships on the Bombay and Surat stations were:
Antelope - 50 guns, Badger, Beagle, Bombay, Boneta, Defiance - 58 guns, Dolphin, Drake, Eagle - 58 guns, Fancy Bomb, Fly, Fox, Greyhound, Hawke, Hazard, Lively's Prize, Otter, Revenge - 70 guns, Royal Admiral, Squirrel, Success, Swift, Tartar, Tiger - 60 guns, Viper and Wolfe.

Peter Munro said...

Thank you, Sylvia, that's very interesting.
Did the other ships not have guns or were there only 5 ships with guns ? It seems very few considering the French were still an active enemy in India.

There were some ship types in the list that were unfamiliar to me. Do you have any comment on those, please ?

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