Saturday, November 26, 2011

Social Media Surgery with David McGillivray, University of the West of Scotland

David Rudram and I had a meeting with David McGillivray of the University of the West of Scotland Social Media project at Melrose yesterday to discuss how Borders Family History Society can use social media more effectively.

David reviewed our use of Twitter, Facebook, our blog, our forum and helped us link Twitter, Facebook and our blog together, and made some specific suggestions.

There are a number of action points that we need to do:
  • Rationalise our Facebook pages.
  •  Enable more Council members to use our Twitter account and that means taking my name and picture off the account and putting the Borders Family History Society identity and logo on it. Of course, I'll still tweet family history on it but I'll set up a new personal Twitter account, too.
  • Publicise our Twitter, Facebook, and blog on our publications, emails, and website, and provide the information to our online members and friends in more places.
  • Enable visitors to bookmark our web pages.
It was a very useful meeting for us. Both David Rudram and I learnt a lot.

We'll be making the changes, gradually, over the next few weeks.

We would love to have your comments on our progress, and your suggestions for improvements, too.

You can comment by clicking the comments link below or via our Contacts page, selecting the 'Comments about the website' contact type or just come and speak to David Rudram or myself at one of our meetings.

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