Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Commonwealth War Graves Commission Website

The Commonwealth War Graves Commission has revamped its website.

Some of my great grandfather's family died in World War I and at least one in World War II, though so far, I've only found one casualty in one cemetery.
When I clicked on the cemetery plan link, it was unfortunately missing.

Also I expected to see a link to The War Graves Photographic Project but that has disappeared, too.

Unfortunately I don't like it as much as the old website but perhaps it'll grow on me.

I can't find the things I found before on the other hand I have discovered their information leaflets, which I never noticed before.

In providing more criteria to search on, they've made it more difficult - you need to enter the whole of a date instead if just a year. On the other hand, they're promising that the 'additional information' will soon be searchable and that will be a bonus.

Search the casualty database for yourself.

Also they want information from you, so complete their survey.

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