Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Huge Problem Replying to People with AOL Addresses

Over the past few months, it's become more and more difficult for us to respond to members and the general public who have an AOL email address, for example, or

That's because AOL seems to be blocking our replies to your emails or responses to messages sent using the form on our Contacts page, the Forum, or when registering for Surname Interests.

No doubt, this is due to an over-zealous Spam filter on AOL's mail-servers.

It's not a problem that we can do anything about, because we cannot communicate with AOL; emails from us are ignored or if we write from a email address, are blocked.

However, we think you can ensure that messages get to you, by adding our email addresses to your AOL address book/safe senders list.

All email addresses are made up of a mailbox and a domain joined by an'@' sign.
In the examples above the mailbox is xyz123 and the domain is or

I don't want to put our email addresses on this blog, otherwise the nasty Spambots roaming the Internet looking for email addresses will collect ours, so you'll need to add the mailbox to the domain with each of the mailboxes below from which you expect to get messages.

Just in case that seems too difficult, we'll send an email to our members with the full email addresses.

Our mailboxes are as follows:
Emails from me: pmunro

Emails from contacts: webmaster

Emails from the forum: forum-webmaster

Emails about the archive/sales/research: bfhssales

Emails about Surname Interests: iwebmaster

Emails about: Gravestone Recording: rmorrison

Emails about Membership: membership

Emails from the Chairman: chairman

Emails about the 2013 conference: safhs2013

If you use Hotmail, or Earthlink, I think you may have problems similar to our members with AOL addresses, but as we don't get error messages to tell us that our email to you has been blocked, we can't be sure.

Oh, if anyone from AOL, Hotmail, or Earthlink reads this and is willing to resolve this, we'll be happy to hear from them and be happier, if we could tell the world that the problem has been resolved.

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