Monday, April 2, 2012

April Fools Day

Yesterday (1st April) was April Fools Day, an especially significant day in our family; my grandparents, parents, and siblings loved making April Fools of each other and our friends and neighbours.

I was always apprehensive for several weeks before April Fools Day and I was into my teens before I was successful in not getting fooled.

Of course I played my part in fooling others.

Nowadays, April Fools seems to be barely observed, except in the media.

This year we had the Prime Minister asking Shaun Ryder to advise on class and help to detox Tories, the new Thermal Reduction Initiative (Champagne) to add 9% duty to all chilled champagne sold in public places, bagpipe music arousing the Edinburgh zoo pandas, and Google's new Click-to-Teleport Extensions for websites allowing potential customers to instantly teleport to the website's business location directly from a search ad. I would particularly welcome such an innovation. It's often said that the best part of a holiday is the journey but that's rarely true for me; perhaps I'm going to the wrong places.

Did you catch these ?

I found these Australian April Fools interesting.

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