Saturday, April 7, 2012

More Cataloguing of Flodden Finds

Another fun day, today, cataloguing finds from fieldwalking fields (part of the Flodden 500 project) around Flodden, the previous cataloguing finds day being St Patrick's Day.

We have, I think, finished field 18, and made a start on field 19.

There was less of interest to me today, musket balls, some buckled lead sheet, a clay marble, bits of 19th century window glass, fragments of clay tobacco pipes, bits of glass bottles, two pins, medieval pottery and some coins – a couple of just recognisable Charles II copper Scottish turners (also known as bodles) worth two pence each.

The young lady sitting next to me asked me about a corroded coin and I suggested she brush it, not really expecting that would do much good. How wrong I was, very quickly Britannia was recognisable with a blank exergue. As it was penny sized, I knew it must be 1806 or 1807. After some more brushing, George III's head was visible, and the date, 1806, was just discernible. Perhaps she's an archaeologist or a numismatist in the making.

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