Sunday, April 22, 2012

SAFHS Conference 2012

Elma Fleming and I spent yesterday at the Annual Conference and Exhibition of the Scottish Association of Family History Societies in Dundee.  The lectures and exhibition were in two different buildings albeit quite close together but the parking was scattered all over the University Campus.  Not surprising perhaps with a city centre university.  It was all quite peaceful whilst the lectures were on but it became quite busy over the lunch break.  There were a few sales but primarily it was a chance to meet people and answer their questions.  The most interesting visitor was talking about a family bible which was in the USA but had originated in the Borders.  It wasn't the current keeper’s family bible and she would like to return it to Scotland.  I’ve been promised more information by email and I’ll post the details when I get them.

The exhibition was never busy and when I went over to the lecture theatre to publicise next year’s meeting in Gala it was far from full.  There were a number of things which I think we will do differently and the day was full of learinig points for SAFHS 2013.

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