Saturday, July 21, 2012

Transcribing at Eyemouth

A very successful day transcribing at Eyemouth.

While the turn-out was perhaps just a tad disappointing a great deal was achieved.

To prove that sometimes the sun does shine the above image was taken overlooking the old cemetery as we enjoyed our picnic lunch.

Not many stones too apparent but they are down both the right hand and left hand walls and the wall to the rear - 77 in all and each, almost without exception, very challenging in its own right.

The area is now in many ways a public open space the stones having been relocated round the boundaries, some years ago, by the Local Authority. Unfortunately many were lost in this process and almost all are now very weathered and/or overpowered by vegetation.

The graveyard became full around the time of the Eyemouth Fishing Disaster of 1881 (to which a monument has recently been erected) and a new cemetery was opened off the Coldingham Road. to which we repaired after lunch. Transcribing was just so much easier and substantial progress was made.

The next transcribing day is 18th. August when we are back to Peebles

Ronald Morrison

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