Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Very Interesting Talk at Innerleithen

A very interesting talk with nice slides today at Innerleithen on their book 'A Family Life Revealed: The Stuarts at Traquair 1491 – 1875' by Catherine Maxwell Stuart and Margaret Fox, including information about the additions to Traquair House at various times. 

See my September review of their book: 'A Family Life Revealed'.

They didn't mention dragon's blood and I forgot to ask, but they did bring along another recent book, 'A Tour to the Preston Guild 1802' - the images of Lord Linton's entertaining report of his visit to Preston in 1802 - including who he met and the places he visited with a transcription of the report and brief notes on some of the many people he dissed.
The Preston Guild, which relates to Preston, Lancashire (not Preston, Berwickshire), dates back to 1179 and since 1542 met every 20 years for guild members to renew their membership. 

More about The Preston Guild.

They also mentioned that they're intending to do research on Lady Christina Stuart who eloped and married Cyrus Griffin, the last President of the Continental Congress (America) and I'm sure that will be very interesting though I expect that is several years' work.

The talk was packed and the only downer was that several lights did not work so we didn't sell any copies of our Innerleithen Monumental Inscriptions CD or indeed, many other publications.

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