Monday, October 1, 2012

Receiving Magazines Electronically

The October magazine should be going off to the printers tomorrow.

 Depending on their workload I expect about two weeks will elapse before I get word back from them that the magazines are ready for uplifting. The magazines will then have to sorted, put in envelopes and either taken to the Post Office or collected by the courier. I am expecting therefore that members, at least in the U.K., will receive  their copies towards the end of this month but unfortunately for many who reside abroad, particularly those receiving their magazine by surface mail, it will be very much later.
There is however an alternative whereby you could receive the magazine right away.

 In our last issue we indicated the option of receiving the magazine electronically and a number of members have opted for this alternative This will mean that they will get their magazine immediately and save the Society printing and postage costs. It will also mean they will be able to store their magazines on their computer at home making them in many ways very much easier to access and also of course saving  physical storage space.
Needless to say we shall also waive the  postal surcharge for those who previously opted to receive their magazine by airmail so also a slight financial saving.
If you would like to receive the magazine in this way let me know. To e-mail go to our contacts page scroll down and under 'select type of contact' chose "contact the magazine editor"
As indeed is the paper version the electronic version is for personal use only
Ronald Morrison
Magazine Editor


Vivienne Dunstan said...

I've just sent a message to request this. I did so in July too, but didn't get a reply, so am not sure if I'm set up for electronic copies yet. Incidentally the relevant page in the issue of the magazine giving instructions on how to receive electronic copies was blank in my copy, along with another page. So I wasn't sure exactly what I should do to ask. But I hoped sending a message via the website would work.

Ronald Morrison said...

Can only apologise to Vivienne for the difficulty she has had getting in touch. However have been in contact this morning and she has now received her copy of the October magazine electronically.
Somewhat concerned to learn of the problems she reports of blank pages in the June magazine - first intimation I have had of this. Would be pleased to her from anyone else who had similar problems.

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