Sunday, November 25, 2012

Berwickshire Monumental Inscriptions research on the road again

Saturdays beautiful clear frosty morning was too good to miss.  Even though it was very cold, I took the chance to go around east Berwickshire, researching for the publication of Monumental Inscriptions.  First stop was Edrom, already recorded and photographed, to look at the Symbolic stones in more detail .The original tablestones were set upright into the ground many years ago, one of them upside down and the supports were incorporated into one of the walls. I was very lucky to get access to the church as one of the elders was there putting the heating on. 
Next stop was Chirnside, to photograph the church and to draw a rough plan of the churchyard. Then on to Ayton, to photograph the church and the war memorial.  BFHS published Ayton MI’s some years ago and have now photographed the older part of the churchyard.  Next stage is to photograph the stones in the newer part of the churchyard and to complete the plan of the layout.

Eyemouth was the last visit, to look at the old churchyard in the town centre, to photograph the old watch house.  Some of the old symbolic stones and the supports of tablestones have been incorporated into this building. Both old and new cemeteries at Eyemouth were recorded this year, the next stage being the indexing and research into the Militia lists of the early 19th century.

And after a morning, walking about in the frosty wet grass, lunch in one of the local cafes was most welcome.  There’s lots more research and preparation for the Monumental Inscriptions team to do over the winter months.

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