Thursday, July 25, 2013

Improvements to Borders Family History Society's Blog Layout

I've been experimenting with changes to the layout of this blog and this blog is to tell you what they are.

I've had complaints that it's difficult to know when a new article is published.
For those that use Facebook, each blog appears on our Facebook page.
For those that use Twitter, the title of each blog gets tweeted - our Twitter handle is @BordersFHS.

For those that don't use either, you can subscribe by email.
Just under our header you'll see

Pop in your email and click submit.
You'll get a request from FeedBurner (they deliver the emails) to verify your request by entering a rather annoying and difficult to read "word". They're rarely English words and they're difficult to read.
(The one below is an example, the one you see will have your email address and probably a different word.)

You'll get an email from FeedBurner Email Subscriptions with the subject "Activate your Email Subscription to: Borders Family History Society", click the link on the email and you'll get an email when we next publish.

At the foot of the blog, there's 3 sections.
The blog archive by date - you can get to any past blog by clicking the relevant month and year.

Links to our Facebook page and Twitter.
The blog archive by 'label' (topic) - you can get to any past blog by clicking the relevant label.

Unfortunately, I've discovered that people that use Internet Explorer 7 aren't able to access the blog - Internet Explorer 7 will either freeze, crash or produce an error message.  Even worse, people that use people that use Internet Explorer 7 won't be able to see this blog, and people that can see it won't be using Internet Explorer 7.

As  usual, constructive comments and relevant comments are welcome. There will probably be more changes.

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