Sunday, September 22, 2013

Trades & Crafts in Scotland, Medieval to Modern

The theme of the next Scottish Local History Forum conference is Trades & Crafts in Scotland, Medieval to Modern.

It's being held in Scottish Local History Forum at Glasgow Trades Hall,  85 Glassford Street, Glasgow on Thursday, 31 October 2013.
The cost is £30 including morning tea & coffee & sandwich lunch, with a £4 reduction for members.  

 It's an interesting programme:    

  • Murray Blair- The Trades House and Hall of Glasgow                       
  • Dr Bruce Durie - Finding records of trades, crafts, burgess guilds and apprentices. 
  • Olive Geddes -Wielding the hammer : the record books of the Hammermen of Perth 
  • Dr Douglas Lockhart - New homes in the suburbs and the countryside: developing  trade guilds’ land
  • Don Martin - Scottish trade symbols  
  • Dan Coughlan - Pirns, patterns and poetry - a look at the life and culture of the Paisley weavers
  • Lorna Dey - Flour power: Aberdeen’s baxters          
  • Heather Jack - Industry, and the schools of art and design
  • John Donaldson - Carvers are starvers
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