Monday, October 21, 2013

The Foul Death of the English - Sunday, 27 October, at 2.30pm in Stow Town Hall

 Our next public meeting is this Sunday, 27 October, at 2.30pm in Stow Town Hall, Earlston Road, Stow, TD1 2QS (see map) when Mary Craig will give a talk titled 'The Foul Death of the English'.

No doubt you've heard of the Black Death.
The plague that swept across the Scottish Borders in the 14th century killed between a quarter and a third of the population.
More than that the 'foul death of the English' devastated the Borders economy and left a pattern of settlement that can still be seen today in the villages and towns of the Scottish Borders.
Mary Craig, the well-known author and expert on the witchcraft trials of the Scottish Borders, gave us a dramatic and entertaining talk on witchcraft, two years ago. Don't miss this one !

I warmly invite you to attend the talk whether you are a member or not.

Doors open at 2pm; the meeting begins at 2.30pm.

There is no admission charge.

We'll have a range of family history publications available to buy, and there’ll be light refreshments available after the talk (donation expected).

If you have a problem with your family history, please discuss it (no charge) with one of our volunteers.

Speakers at meetings occasionally need to be changed at the last minute, due to circumstances beyond our control.

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