Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Use Everybody Writes Day (21st October) for Your Family History

Everybody Writes Day was a four-year writing project partnership between Booktrust and the National Literacy Trust, originally funded by the Department for Education, whose funding ended in 2011.

It was aimed at stimulating pupils in primary and secondary schools to become more interested in writing not just across the curriculum but outside the classroom too. There are a lot of resources for schools.

Many of those pupils will now have left school.

The word 'everybody' includes pre-school and adults too, so quite why the Booktrust, Scottish Book Trust and the National Literacy Trust haven't sought to be more inclusive mystifies me.

Perhaps they would say that because it's not being funded they can't afford to be more inclusive.

They should be encouraging everybody to write for Everybody Writes Day on 21st October.

Therefore, let's hijack Everybody Writes Day from those unimaginative organisations and declare that it's for everyone !

Perhaps you've got a family history story that you would like to share or a brick wall or a puzzle that's preventing you getting further.

To celebrate Everybody Writes Day, we're offering you the opportunity to put it on the blog - don't worry if you can't think of a title, we'll add that if necessary and sort out the labels. Either reply to this in the comments or send a message on our Contacts page using the contact type Contact the Webmaster.

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