Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mediaeval Naming Practices

An interesting Conference coming up in which I think many might well be interested; Looks like a free lunch as well!

Personal Names and Naming Practices in Mediaeval Scotland

Day Conference. Sat 15 March, 9-5:30
3 University Gardens University of Glasgow.


Roibeard Ó Maolalaigh, 'Gaelic Names and Elements in Scottish Charters 1093–1286'

Thomas Clancy, ‘Literary influences on personal naming practices in mediaeval Scotland’

Fiona Edmonds, ‘Names and political alliance: the Lords of Nithsdale and Galloway in the 12th..century’

John Reuben Davies, ‘Old Testament personal names in Scotland’

Nick Evans, 'Personal names in mediaeval Gaelic chronicles'

Rachel Butter, 'Saints and personal names'

Guto Rhys, 'Pictish Personal Names'

Matthew Hammond, 'The use of surnames in the central middle ages'

Round table discussion on the future of personal name studies in Scotland.

Lunch, tea/coffee, and wine will be provided.

REGISTRATION IS FREE but required.  -

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