Thursday, December 10, 2015

Search the World War I Canadian Expeditionary Force Database

Do you have family members who went to Canada before World War I ?

Library and Archives Canada have created a new database of records of the World War I Canadian Expeditionary Force. 

Initially, Canada offered 25,000 soldiers for service overseas but that grew during the war to 619,636, of whom, 424,589 served in Europe. 

Volunteers were questioned at the place of enlistment to complete the two-sided Attestation papers which included the recruit's name and address, next-of-kin, date and place of birth, occupation, previous military service, and distinguishing physical characteristics, and their signature. 

Conscripted men completed a far simpler one-sided form which included their name, date of recruitment, and compliance with requirements for registration. Officers completed a one-sided form called the Officers' Declaration Paper. 

Search the World War I Canadian Expeditionary Force database.

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