Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Monumental Inscriptions volume for Bunkle & Preston, Berwickshire

We’re pleased to report that we have just published another new Monumental Inscriptions volume on CD,  for the Berwickshire parish of Bunkle & Preston, nestling in the foothills of the Lammermuirs but situated only a few miles from the county town of Duns.

In addition to the monumental inscriptions (gravestone inscriptions) at Bunkle churchyard, Preston old churchyard and new cemetery, the Hearth Tax of 1694 and the Militia Lists of 1798 and 1801, we have included other documents which shed light on the people of the parish and their lives:
The Fugitive and Porteous Rolls of 1684 list Cowan, Darling, Turnbull and other local family surnames.
Militia Families Vouchers for 1812, held by National Records of Scotland, list the payments made to the wives of the men serving in the Militia and include the names of children.
The Blackadders Cash Book for East Blanerne, 1821-1837, is an exciting find which Borders Family History Society will be researching further.  We have included information on the 41 people employed as herds, hinds, blacksmiths, bondagers and house boys.
Another find, courtesy of a researcher in Canada, is a poem by a former pupil of Millburn school. John Aitken remembers those who attended the school in 1823 and includes places of residence and family occupations.
The Ministers of Bonkyl (the old name for Bunkle) & Preston are listed together with full transcriptions of the War Memorials in Bonkyl Church, in Preston and the Roll of Honour in Preston Recreation Hall.

We are indebted to the work of James Hardy, D C Cargill, James Robson and James Hewat Craw without whose earlier recordings, so many inscriptions and descriptions of stones, would have been lost.

The pre-1855 stones were recorded in 1969 by David C. Cargill but many have since been weathered and the inscriptions worn and some have completely disappeared. In the relatively short period since we started visiting the churchyard to record the stones, several have fallen over.

There are over 330 surnames and their variations listed in the Monumental Inscriptions: Adamson, Ainslie, Aitchison, Aitken, Allan, Allison, Anderson, Armstrong, Aubrey, Baillie, Ballantyne, Barclay, Barlow, Barrie, Bartram, Battye, Bell, Bennet, Bernsfather, Bertram, Black, Blackadder, Blackie, Blaikie, Blair, Blyth, Bogue, Bookless, Bower, Boyd, Braidwood, Brodie, Broomfield, Brown, Brownlie, Bruce, Burns, Cairns, Calder, Campbell, Carlisle, Carr, Carss, Carter, Cassels, Cassie, Chirnside, Chisholm, Christie, Clark, Cleghorn, Clinskill, Cockburn, Colville, Cowe, Cowen, Cowie, Craig, Cranston, Crawford, Crow, Curay, Currie, Cuthbert, Dalgleish, Darling, Darrie, Davidson, Davies, Deans, Denham, Denholm, Dick, Dickson. Dippie, Dixon, Dodds, Dougal, Douglas, Dudgeon, Duncan, Dunlop, Eddie, Edmond, Edwards, Elliot, Fair, Fairbairn, Fergusson, Ferme, Ferrier, Fiddes, Fish, Fisher, Fletcher, Forbes, Ford, Forrest, Forsyth, Fortune, Foulds, France, Freature, Fulton, Galbraith, Galloway, Gibson, Gillas, Gillieson, Glendinning, Goldsmith, Goodall, Gordon, Graham, Grant, Gray, Grieve, Haggarty, Haig, Hall, Halliday, Hamilton, Hardie, Harris, Hastie, Hay, Henderson, Henry, Herriot, Hewot, Hill, Hislop, Hogarth, Hogg, Hoggart, Home, Hood, Horsburgh, Housley, Howie, Hoy, Inglis, Jacks, Jackson, James, Jeffery, Johnson, Johnston, Jordan, Keenan, Kemp, Kennedy, Kerr, King, Kirk, Laidlaw, Lamb, Landles, Lauder, Law, Lawrie, Lawson, Layel, Leitch, Liddle, Lindsay, Logan, Lorain, Lugget, Luke, Lumsdaine, Lunham, Lunn, Mabon, Mack, Mackenzie, Macleod, Mair, Maitland, Mann, Marshall, Martin, Mason, McArthur, McGill, McKay, McMurchie, Mercer, Middlemass, Middlemiss, Mileson, Miller, Minchin, Mitchell, Moffat, Moir, Molesworth, Moor, Moran, Mossman, Murray, Nairn, Nisbet, Norrie, Norris, Oliver, O'Toole, Pate, Paterson, Patterson, Paxton, Peacock, Person, Playfair, Plenderleith, Pounton, Preston, Pringle, Proudfoot, Purves, Rae, Ramsay, Rankin, Redden, Redpath, Reeder, Reid, Renton, Renwick, Roberts, Robertson, Robson, Rose, Runciman, Rutherford, Scheibe, Scot, Scott, Scougal, Service, Shaw, Shearlaw, Sheriff, Shiel, Simpson, Skene, Slight, Smail, Smith, Spence, Spratt, Steel, Stenhouse, Stevenson, Stewart, Stobie, Straiton, Stuart, Swan, Swanston, Tait, Tapp, Taylor, Telford, Tennant, Thompson, Thomson, Todd, Torbet, Trotter, Tunnah, Turnbull, Utterson, Vallance, Veitch, Waddell, Wait, Waldron, Walker, Walls, Watson, Weatherhead, Weatherly, Weekes, Weir, Wells, White, Whitecross, Whitehead, Whitelaw, Whitson, Wightman, Wilkinson, Wilson, Winter, Wood, Wright, Wylie, Young, Younger, Yule, Zimmermann.

There are layout plans of Bunkle and Preston churchyards and of the new Preston cemetery.  The Monumental Inscriptions and Memorials are indexed by Surname, First Name and Date of Death.  Surnames on the Hearth Tax, the Militia Lists are indexed and there is a place name index.

The CD costs £7.50 plus postage.

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