Monday, February 15, 2010

Langholm Archive Group and Poor Houses

Langholm Archive Group was mentioned on a RootsChat forum  today, and
that reminded me that I was intending to look at their website.
I've seen some of their publications, and we have some in our archive.
I've found The Ewes Valley (see our review), Memorials of Westerkirk Churchyard, Memorials of Watcarrick and Esdalemuir Churchyards, Memorials of Langholm Parish to be really excellent publications and I recommend them.

Their website is a very useful resource, and includes a newspaper archive (for the Eskdale and Liddesdale Advertiser) and a photo archive.

So searching for "poor", it's interesting to see in the newspaper index that there were reports between 1850 and 1854 of notices of meetings and elections to Parochial Board, a respectable married woman (no children) was wanted to care for persons admitted to Casual Sick Poor House, numbers of poor in Langholm area and expenditure, appointments of Inspector of Poor and Collector of Poors' Rate also Registrar of births, deaths and marriages; the death of the teacher on 6th October 1858 at the age of 52, Mr George J Todd, who was also Inspector of the Poor, session clerk and Registrar.
There are photos of Mr Todd and his school in their photo archive.

There are several references to Casual Sick Poor Houses.

The Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser have an article about a new  Casual Sick Poor House in Langholm.

Nearby Newcastleton had a Casual Sick House, too.

Searching for "poor" in the photo archive, yields photos of two other Poor officers, James Morrison, 1896 to 1930, and Archie Oliver, 1931.

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