Friday, May 13, 2011

Advice on Conserving Documents, Photos, Film and Files at Preservation Roadshow, Seattle

The National Archives and Records Administration regional office in Seattle is providing the roadshow from 10am to 2pm on Saturday, May 14 at 6125 Sand Point Way NE, Seattle, Washington, USA.

Their intention is to help the public learn how to preserve their treasured family and personal materials.

At the roadshow, the public can bring questions about preserving their personal or family documents (in any format) and get free practical advice.

There are workshops to attend, raffles, and competitions.

More details.

This looks like a fun and very useful roadshow to attend if you're in or near
Seattle, Washington.

Unfortunately, I suspect most of the readers of this blog won't be attending - it's rather a long way.

For these readers, however, there's a really useful 'Public Resources' section and I suggest you look at it.


GeniAus said...

Thanks for the info. Sadly it is more than a few minutes drive from Sydney Australia.

Peter Munro said...

Yes, we don't have many members in the state of Washington.

However, I see that the New South Wales State Archives,, has some interesting resources including a standard for physical storage of records. Perhaps you can suggest to them or to the University of Sydney Archives that they run a similar roadshow.

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