Saturday, June 18, 2011

Melrose Parish War Memorials

This lovingly researched book identifies each of the persons recorded on the Melrose Parish War Memorials in Melrose, Darnick, Newstead, and Gattonside.
It has a subtitle, 'The Men and their Stories', because for each of those listed on the memorials, there is a short biographical note of those named, and even of 5 men who should have been named on the Melrose War memorial, compiled from a variety of sources including military records, the census, newspapers, and local knowledge. Where possible, photos of the men are included. There is a surname index.
It covers both World Wars, and includes the Roll of Honour of St Mary’s School, Melrose.

Surnames in the index: Allan, Anderson, Andrews, Babington, Bain, Barclay, Barton, Bell, Beveridge, Binnie, Black, Blackadder, Blake, Bowie, Boyd, Brown, Buchan, Bunyan, Calvert, Calwell, Carlyle, Chambers, Chapman, Constable, Cook, Crooke, Cruickshank, Curle, Currie, Darling, Davidson, Deans, Dick, Dickinson, Dodds, Dorward, Doughty, Douglas, Douglas-Hamilton, Dun, Dunlop, Dunn, Elliot, Evans, Fernie, Ferrier, Fleming, Fortune, Frew, Gibb, Gibson, Gifford, Gill, Gordon, Gray, Grigor, Hair, Hamilton, Hart, Hastie, Henderson, Hill, Hobkirk, Hogg, Holmes, Honeyman, Hopkirk, Hutcheson, Jardine, Keddie, Kennedy, Laidlaw, Lang, Lawrie, Lees, Leithead, Lockie, Lockton, Logan, Lorimer, Lowe, Lumgair, Lyall, Mack, Maclaren, Maclldowie, MacPherson, Mann, Matthew, McDiarmid, McDonald, McDougal, McGinnis, McIntosh, McMillan, McVittie, Mein, Middlemass, Millar, Mitchell, Montgomerie, Morrison, Morvo/Morow, Munro, Murry/Murray, Myers, Notman, Paterson, Paton, Polwarth, Pringle, Purdom, Purves, Rafferty, Ramsay, Redpath, Reid, Richardson, Riddell, Robinson, Romanes, Rosie, Ross, Rutherford, Sanderson, Scott, Sharp, Sheldrick, Shiel, Sladen, Smart, Smith, Spiers, Spottiswoode, Sproat, Steedman, Steel, Stewart, Telfer, Thompson, Thomson, Todd, Tulloh, Tully, Turnbull, Wade, Walker, Webb, White, Whitelaw, Wilson, Wright, Wynn, Young.

Researched and written by Major Trevor S Mills, RE (Rtd) and Mrs Fiona M A Mills.
78 pages including index and illustrations. Card Covers. A4 size.
ISBN 978-1-874232-09-2.
Price £7.00 plus postage. Weight 285g.

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