Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Free Access to Ancestry's US Records till 10th/11th April

Ancestry are providing free access to more than 1 billion United States of America birth, marriage, death and military records from the 1940s, plus United States City Directories and the 1930 United States Census.

Access ends at midnight ET, which isn't a reference to extra-terrestrials or aliens, I think it corresponds to 5am Scottish Borders time on 11th April.

As is normal, with Ancestry's offers, you'll need to register if you haven't already done so.

Search the United States records.


Barbara said...

I've tried several times to look at images on Ancestry using this latest offer.

As soon as I try to print a record, Firefox crashes. I tried using Internet Explorer, but it doesn't work with the version of Flash that's installed, and I can't upgrade.

What do you suggest ?

Peter Munro said...

I'm sorry to see you're having problems.

I've taken a look; to my surprise, Firefox quits on me too. Internet Explorer doesn't like my version of flash either, and though I can upgrade, the upgrade hasn't worked.

I have found a workaround, though, and that's to use Zapgrab2.exe to grab the image; then you can paste the image into Word or Irfanview or something else and save the document.

If you don't have Zapgrab2.exe, Google it, and download. I find it useful.

I hope that helps.

Barbara said...

Awesome !
It took me a bit of time to find a safe site from which to download Zapgrab. I checked all the sites through Site Advisor, as you've previously recommended. There are a lot of dodgy sites out there. Just to be sure, I ran a malware check after downloading.

I've found some probable cousins in Delaware and having got the images, I'll check them out.

Thank you.

Peter Munro said...

I'm glad I could help.

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