Thursday, May 17, 2012

Births, Marriages and Deaths in British India

Times of India births, marriages and deaths search page

The Families In British India Society, is building a database of intimations in the Times of India newspapers. The database currently contains births, marriages and deaths from 25th July 1859 to 1909.
It took me a long time to spot the surname search for this database, so I've ringed it in red on the picture. It would be nice to be able to search it for a place or a first name as well as a surname but that's not possible, so for a common name you may have to look through a lot of entries. Search the Times of India births, marriages and deaths for yourself.

I looked for my great grandfather, Luke Golding, but he’s not listed so that suggests that although he lived there as a young boy, he wasn’t born in India.

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Anonymous said...

If you use the person search on the left navigation panel you can search for a full name and then select the Times of India from the search results. Bear in mind that not many entries use a full first name though. If you know roughly what year the event took place searching for a surname within that dataset might help narrowing down your search results better.

Not all bmds were listed in the Times of India newspapers, so I would recommend searching the ecclesiastical returns at the British Library. Many of these are available on the website.

Peter Munro said...

Thanks for your comment.

By person search, you presumably mean 'Find a person'. I've now tried that and it works fine.

Additionally, I've just noticed the 'Display results in vertical format' on top of the search results list, and that makes the results much easier to read.

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