Saturday, May 19, 2012

MI recording at Peebles today

Just had a busy day at Peebles, recording the Monumental Inscriptions.  It was still a bit drizzly early on but by 10am, it had turned into a dry day.  Still not very warm, though.  Gloves should have been added to the kit.

We made a good start on one of the older sections, close to St Andrew’s Tower.  There are some very interesting symbolic stones, still standing after more than 200 years, and even though some of the inscriptions may no longer be legible, the quality and detail of the carving are quite remarkable.   

The stone on the attached photograph is one of the later ones, erected in memory of Agnes Cushny in 1809.  Photographs of some of the most interesting stones can be seen at

Now all I need to do is try to decipher my handwriting and type up the MI’s  - and a few warmer sunnier days during the summer would be nice as well.  

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