Wednesday, October 26, 2011

October 2011 Issue of Borders Family History Society Magazine

The latest issue of our 44 page magazine was despatched to members on 21st October.
I understand that due to the labour dispute at Canada Post, there is a backlog of mail, so Canadian members may experience additional delays before receiving their October 2011 magazine.

This issue contains articles about
  • the successful tracing of the family of a relative of an American lady's late husband, a John Robert Grant who had been born in Galashiels in 1885, and transferring personal papers and photographs to the family
  • the Stewarts of Kelso
  • a family bible reunited with the family of the original owner, who wrote in it in 1812
  • the cholera epidemic of 1849
  • rules of intestate succession
  • the first part of the talk 'Granny’s Bawbees' about Scottish coinage that I gave on 29th May (including 4 colour illustrations of Scottish and British coins)
  • reviews of 4 books
  • this summer's work on transcribing gravestones
The cover shows part of the old ruined church and graveyard at Stow.


Christine Woodcock said...

The postal dispute is long over. The workers were legislated back to work at the end August.

Peter Munro said...

Thanks for the information.

That's great news for our subscribers.

Part Time Jobs said...

The story is always interesting. Read accounts, histories and articles of how the events occurred, events that shaped the history of mankind or a small family, can let your imagination fly and think about how we would have acted in a certain time.

Peter Munro said...

Thank you, Part Time Jobs.
If you, or anyone else, has a story that would interest our members please contact our Magazine Editor via our Contacts page.

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